Hi Mole_Man,
    Please feel free to translate what pages of mine you would like to. I do ask that you give my site credit for the originals and of course, whomever I have given credit to on any hints& tips or programs....
    I am sending this in english because my russian is very bad (none at all to be honest....).
    Please let me know when it is done so I can check it out, I will add a link on my site to yours so any russians may go there if they are on my pages and want it in russian.
Happy hunting, John
John Burrows

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Subject: May I translate your XLT Tips into Russian?

HI  John,
I am 3-year experienced Russian detectorist and use Spectrum XLT, of course. I have visited your amazing web site "JB's Metal Detecting Resource Site" and greatly appreciated  it. This is the information every detectorist needs. Such an honest information  I have not seen elsewhere before.  Thank you for it! Let me translate some of your Spectrum XLT Hints & Tips and XLT Programs into Russian, please.  I'd like to put it on my non-profit web site xlt.narod.ru. Our detectorists suffer from the lack of information about XLT on Russian language. We miss many potentially precious objects due to incorrect  tuning. Some of detectorists sale their Spectrum XLT and buy Fisher CZ6a because of their unability to program it properly.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours     Mole Man    mailto:mole_man@mail.ru

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