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"Boom" box car owners are a sad reflection of the degradation
that is taking place in society. Rude, inconsiderate and yes, theyare thugs. Home should be a sanctuary, not only can you hear these terrormachines (from miles away) you feel them. There is no escape. Congressmust act,
as enforcing even existing noise laws is a low priority for our police."
Angry Citizen

"Earthquake Sound" In Cars Has To GO!
Submitted Anonymously Private Citizen

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In case you are one of those "boom car" boys or girls who stumbled onto this pageby mistake you may still have time to save your hearing, this is if you want to? Click here to find out!

If they are stressing you out, you must take this!
"May be the answer to your prayers, in more ways than you can possibly imagine!"

OK US "Boom car nonsense just has to be stopped. I'm a Vietnam Vet with PTSD and the loud booming and vibrations of the infrasound causes me to have artillery shell, mortar shell, and 122mm rocket fire flashbacks. I often roll onto the floor and grab for a nonexistant M-16 and steel helmet.....(and I even take prescription meds to control it). ear plugs are ineffective.....and the sleep deprivation is complicating things tremendously."

IN. US "I am a student at Indiana University, Bloomington and I can'teven get away from the noise at the main library. All of the current periodicalsand class reserve materials are kept in a room with reinforced concretewalls and some of the thickest glass I've ever seen and you can still herebass! During the school year, boom cars go by in a continuous stream andmake it impossible to read. If you have a class assignment involving thematerials in the room, you have to submit yourself to hours of tortureat the hands of boom car drivers."
CO. US "These laws are long overdue."

It's not BigFoot, but it sure sounds likeit, it's spreading everywhere and it's making people mad as hell!
It's also very dangerousto drivers. Are you Sick and Tired of having the digital bass in yourface?

Do SubwooferBoom Box Cars Have You Seeing Red?
Feeling like it's just not safeon the higway with these things?
They are soundproofing themselvesfrom others drivers not to mention EmergencyVehicles Sirens!  Keeping peoplefrom sleeping, leading to health problems, local noise ordinances are doingvery little about them, manufacturersand distributorsare not educating consumers about the  risks of hearing loss and howsound travels and affects the community. It seems Their only bottomline is sales.

Are you concerned about your property's valuebeing driven down?
Areyou ready to do something about it?
Then you have come to the rightplace!

This is a growing problem inthe U.S. as well as Canada and other countries including Europeand Australasia,Yes even in NewZealand!

Clickhere to learn more. and Please sign the petition to congress and tell afriend

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These are just a few comments taken directly from thepetition signatures we have received, the names and e-mails have been leftout to protect their privacy. Only the state and indication of U.S. isincluded. Note we have alphabetized the states and both CA. and FL. are the most problematic areas,also he have received signatures from other areas as well, but no commentswere left. If you would like to sign our petition please clickthe above link.

As you can see this is a nationwide problem!


AK. US "The unreasonable noise generated by these ""boom cars"" has becomea problem even where i live in Alaska. It has got to the point where onecannot live in a town or city and expect not to be offended by these people.I believe that these acts constitute violations of fundamental Americanrights."

AZ. US "I couldn't agree more! When I read in today's Arizona Republicthat Ford, Mazda and Nissan car companies are teaming with major audiocompanies to offer megawatt sound systems in entry-level cars, I felt absolutelysick to my stomach. My first thought was, are they completely out of theirminds! That awful noise chased us from our last community, and I can onlyhope that someone with the power to do something is finally paying attention."

CA "There will be a horrendous cost both phyiscal and monetary if this noise is not addressed!!!!!!!!!!"

CA. "Noise pollution has been overlooked for too long and is becomingmore prevalant as population density increases."

CA. US "please let me know if there are any groups or individualsin Sacramento California that I can contact. I'm ready for a heart attackand nervous breakdown and I can't afford to keep moving. I'm a disabledsenior. Also, let me know who in government is behind us."

CA. US "I also think these ""boomers"" are physically dangerous. Moreresearch is needed."

CA. US "No Boom Cars allowed!!"

CA. US "20 years ago, I never would have believed that the day wouldcome when I would not be able to walk the streets in my community or visita park or go to a shopping mall with out being assaulted by POUNDING andTHUMPING concussion waves of low frequency bass. This industry needs tobe shut down and wiped out and driven intobankruptcy via aggressive lawsuits, fines andsiezures of equipment. I will back organizations that aresending the message from the grass roots to the political leaders thatthis is no longer tolerable.Thank you."

CA. US "Boom cars are making our lives miserable."

CA. US "Something truley needs to be done. I thought my neighborhoodwas the only one being taken over by this noise. Let's continue the fight!!!!!"

CA US "Let's take back the streets; let's restore a little civility to our lives."

CA. US "These inconsiderate drivers should have their vehiclesimpounded and their stereo equipment confiscated."

CA. US "I think the time to adress this issue is long overdue.There isan obvious link to this behavior and other criminal activites such as asauto theft, street racing, and drugs.Sincerely,....."

CA. US "I think the man across the street in back of me installs and/orrepairs these things. I live in a retirement mobile home community acrossthe street from his house, and I get to hear and feel it 7 or 8 times aday, every single day. I've called the police and stopped him twice, buthe always starts it up again."

CO US "The audio systems on these cars make it difficult to hear emergency vehicles and cause damage to the hearing of those in and around the car. There should be some maximum pressure that the sound system of a car is allowed to impose on its surrounding environment."

CO. US "These laws are long overdue."

CT. US "Noise is domestic terrorism today. As anthrax was likely spreadby some hate group right here in the US, so is unneccessary noise. Noiseis compensation for either lack of intellectual or sexual ability. It isan affront to normal, hardworking people who simply have the right to peaceand quiet."

FL US "I am strongly against booming car, and urge Congress to take action."

FL. US "Since moving into an area that is prevalent with this typeof noise pollution, i.e., boomcars, their installation and ""fine-tuning"",I have come down with every cold and flu that has come my way. This isnot my norm. I usually get 1-2 colds a year that are very short in duration.Now I don't seem to be able to stay well no matter what I do. I am constantlystressed out and I am completely miserable. I jump at the slightest noisethat has a deep bass tone to it and I can only imagine how these boomcarsmay be affecting those who have been in war situations with bombs thatare being dropped. For literally, these boomcars cause the earth to shakeand tremble as if a war is being waged, and I think that, in fact, thereis a war out there being waged by these very inconsiderate boomcar enthusiastsagainst the average, peace-loving citizen.I moved into this area to takecare of a handicapped friend who cannot fully care for herself. She toohas been affected by the abuse of these noisemakers due to her heart condition.It is imperative that this destructive behavior be put to an end.I havebeen assaulted by this noise for the past year (2001-2002) and I hope thatthis petition will not be disregarded.I am deeply grateful for this petitionand to those who have placed it on the internet.With much sincerity"

FL. US "Yes! This ""Parking LotPack"" need to be taught a lesson in considerationfor other's.Like Cleveland; all cities & towns should have the powerto confiscate their vehicles and be made to pay all of the court costsplus,a large sum to retreive their vehicles.Or a sentence of 1 year injail/or both, after first offense."

FL. US "To Whom This May Concern, We have complained for over 3yrs tolocal law enforcement with no results. An Elder neighbor, a WWII, Korean& Vietnam Veteran died because of this noise, he had told me that thelow frequency caused the steel plate in his head to vibrate, he like myselfalso had presure on the heart from this 'boom boom' noise. If the law cannotstop this problem then 'we' the citizens must take the law into our ownhands, using the Judicial system and bring a lawsuit against these companieswhose only goal is profits and not the health of humans. Thank you forcreating this petition to bring a voice to the voiceless."

FL. US "I totally agree that these sub-woofers that blow your ears outare a nuisance and laws should be passed to stop the groups of people whouse these to disturb the peace.Pass the anti-boomcar legislation and makeit law!Thank you"

FL. US "If there ever was a time to take action it's now, we can't waitfor this problem to become the cancer that the tobacco companies broughtus! It took decades to finally bring some resolution to that problem let'snot let this problem take that long, it will be a nightmare for America!"

IA. US "This audible assault is considered acceptible in my community.Even though levels reach close to 100db(c) inside my home."

IL. US "It should be illegal to modify a vehicle's from-the-factorysound system to intentionally increase the decibel level. Businesses whichinstall large amplifiers or boom boxes in cars must be shut down, made100% illegal. Vehicle owners who violate this law should be put in jail,fined, and their property confiscated!"

IN. US "I am a student at Indiana University, Bloomington and I can'teven get away from the noise at the main library. All of the current periodicalsand class reserve materials are kept in a room with reinforced concretewalls and some of the thickest glass I've ever seen and you can still herebass! During the school year, boom cars go by in a continuous stream andmake it impossible to read. If you have a class assignment involving thematerials in the room, you have to submit yourself to hours of tortureat the hands of boom car drivers."

KY. US "i am very concerned about the health problems these boom amplifierscan and do cause. we are having problems that disturb our sleep every night.thru the day and night these boom cars actually vibrate thru my home,"

LA. US. "Excellent petition! We too, have unfortunately experiencednoise from "boom vehicles" in Bienville Parish/Arcadia, Louisiana. Trysleeping at 6:00 A.M. while a helicopter flies over the roof of your homepractically "throwing" you out of your bed to your feet! The Bonnie &Clyde flea mkt has done just that for the past 7 years in Arcadia, Louisiana!Ever hear the loud THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, of the Vietnam helicopters ontelevision? Yes, that's exactly how it sounds to us when the noise rattlesour windows, shakes the walls of our home! Want to learn more? GO TO: www.petitionpetition.com) type in the "search block": boycott arcadia, louisiana - flea mkt noise) Press Search. Arcadia, Louisiana is the worst place to live on earthbecause of no justice from State Government! Also, guns being fired from180 yards from our front door from hunting clubs is no pleasure either!We are gathering data to support a BILL to draft into the Louisiana Legislature,soon! Thank you for listening! " Sincerely,...

MI. US "In the last apartment complex I lived in, I was surroundedby 3 seperate apartments, and all those neighbors played their stereosso loud, I had anxiety attacks, threw things at the walls, pounded on thewalls, and complained to the manager. Those neighbors ""ganged"" up onme, so to speak, and told the manager I was harrassing them! I was evictedfrom the apartment, now live in another apartment, and going through problemswith just one next door neighbor who only plays his music loud on weekends.I've only lived in this apartment since late May, but moving into a mobilehome in a few weeks. I am extremely sensitive to noise, expecially to BOOMcars, loud trucks, rude Harley Davidson riders with no exhaust system.Everyone just wants to be rude, loud, aggressive, and get attention anyway they can! As someone with Bipolar Disorder, I've known what it's liketo feel suicidal / homicidal due to excessive noise. Bascially, it alldrives me insane! The new mobile home park I'll be moving into seems tobe quiet, but if I have any trouble with noise and the park manager doesnothing about it, I refuse to move once again. I will take action withCity Hall or whomever I have to contact to help with this problem. Excessivenoise is intolerable, and it's unfortunate that many people have turnedtheir backs on this problem, or choose to desensitive themselves to theirenvironment."

MI. US "Yesterday i had the misfortune of being next to one these thugsalthough my windows were rolled up I was still deafened by the noise"

MS. US "this problem is really getting out of control,with boomcars blaring their stereos until all hours of the night ENOUGH IS ENOUGHAND TOO MUCH IS NASTY!!!!!!and it needs to be stopped."

NC. US "I wholeheartedly, 100 percent agree with this petition.One citizen's rights end where another's begin."

NM. US "Please stop the madness"

NY. "Let's push for noise standards that police can enforce on site!"

NY. US "I agree with the spirit of the petition, so I am submitting my""signature."" However, I think it can and should be improved upon. Thereare direct quotes from the D.O.J. report that are not given proper citation.Also, I don't think it serves our cause to be the judge of what shouldbe termed ""music."" On the contrary, we should emphasize that it is notthe type of music, but the barrier-penetrating low frequency, high intesitycomponent that causes the problem."

OR. US "If you are in the mountains, desert or sea shore it is endlessnoise from loud boomboxs."


TX. US "I think it is far beyond the time when something must be doneabout this problem. I for one, become nauseated as the thumping continuesin cars around me. I've had to pull over and get out to prevent getting""sick"" all over my car."

WA. US "300 times per weekend on my street is enough. Please stopthis invasive, property devaluing actions by today's drivers."

These comments were taken from our old petition   http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?nobooms&1

Location Not Known " I hear them (and feel them) at 1:00 in the morninggoing down the street THREE BLOCKS AWAY! If this level of noise was comingfrom a persons mouth there would be police all over the place. This isnoise created for the enjoyment of one at the expense of thousands! I amamazed that there have not been tougher laws on this issue. This is a constantproblem. When my family goes to the beach every few weeks there is alwayssomeone playing music that ruins the whole thing. Maybe someone shouldcreate a model for taking these offenders to civil court and at least getthe word out that even if it's not a criminal offense, it IS OFFENSIVEENOUGH TO SUE SOMEONE OVER IT WHEN IT SPOILS THE QUIET ENJOYMENT THAT WEOFTEN SEEK!"

Location Not Known " The right to be left alone...the right most valuedby civilized men" ~Louis Brandeis--I never knew how profound this statementwas until my right to peace and quiet in my own home was taken away fromme. For the past 2 years I have been terrorized, harassed, trespassed upon,and preyed upon by the noise of boom cars. Boom cars are an insidious evilthat MUST be eliminated from our society. They rob citizens of their basicrights to privacy and the enjoyment of their homes. Technology is intendedto enhance and better the lives of people, however, boom cars do just theopposite. The technology behind these cars are being used in a harmfuland cruel manner--to purposely disturb, harass, and abuse innocent people.To make matters worse, most local jurisdictions (while acknowledging theharm of these cars) do little if anything to regulate them or to protectcitizens such as myself from boom cars. Please give us back our God givenright to peace and quiet. This problem warrants a Congressional Hearing."

Location Not Known ""Boom" box car owners are a sad reflection of thedegradation that is taking place in society. Rude, inconsiderate and yes,they are thugs. Home should be a sanctuary, not only can you hear theseterror machines (from miles away) you feel them. There is no escape. Congressmust act, as enforcing even existing noise laws is a low priority for ourpolice."

Location Not Known "I have been woken up many nights by these obnoxiousboom cars driving through my (usually quiet) suburban neighborhood! "

Location Not Known "Any involuntary music is audio trespass and violatesmental privacy, boomcars and "vroomcars" adding physiological trauma tothe assault. No one should be forced to endure their output"

Location Not Known Freedom of speech probably wasn't meant to includeor advocate intrusion into others' space, at any time, day or night. Thankyou for your consideration."

Location Not Known "To the boom car menace must be added the willfullyloud exhaust plague. In some locales, the customized loud exhaust problemof vehicles is far worse than the boom car situation. I would plead thatCongress take up the matter of nationwide regulation of automotive noisefrom both stock and after-market sources. The double problem of boom carsand gratuitously loud exhaust cars is tantamount to outright terrorism.Acoustic terrorists are inflicting incalculable phyical and psychologicaldamage upon our people and our children. We can no longer tolerate theshredding of the social contract. Congress must see to it that this everescalating noise madness ends now! "

Location Not Known "People are now using powerful electronic equipmentas weapons against their fellow humans. The government has to get involvedbecause the electronics industry is not acting responsibly. They promotethe anti-social use of their products."

Location Not Known "Noise driving you crazy? Sometimes feel you couldkill just for a little peace? YOU'RE NOT ALONE! You've tried tolerance.You've tried moving away, but there's nowhere left to run. You are a victimof audio trespass. It's time to take a stand and defen your Right to Quiet!Where laws already exist to protect that right, DEMAND ENFORCEMENT! Lawsunenforced means outlaws and lawlessness wins. Where no laws exist in defenseof Quiet, DEMAND THEY BE ENACTED! Don't wait until there's no place leftto find peace. Quiet is a basic human need and a basic human right! DEMANDIT! DEFEND IT!"

Location Not Known "Congress must act quickly on behalf of all the innocentvictims of this "noise terrorism" which includes school age children whoattempting to study for school exams and the elderly who are being assultedby boomcars in their own homes thus negatively affecting their health."

Location Not Known "Many studies show that environmntal noise has anegative impact on the cognitive development, language acquisition andacademic performance of children."

This is not from the petition however it states the problem and solutionvery well!

"Earthquake Sound" In Cars Has To GO!
Submitted Anonymously Private Citizen
By far the most prevalent and most major distraction in cars todayis sound systems, both OEM and aftermarket. The problems are several. First,the sound level generated by some equipment is so loud and has so muchbass that drivers of vehicles so equipped cannot hear emergency vehiclesirens, no matter how loud or piercing. Second, sound waves from thesevehicles are capable of causing extreme discomfort for other nearby drivers,both auditory and emotional. I have witnessed incidents of rage directedat drivers of vehicles with these sound systems. I have also witnessed-on several occasions- vehicles so equipped setting off the motion-sensitiveanti-theft alarms on nearby cars in parking lots. The capabilities of thesesystems far surpass anything needed for clarity of sound in an automobile.Local law enforcement is evidently incapable of handling the problem; evenin a jurisdiction where ordinances exist, like my native Atlanta, it isnext-to-impossible to obtain enforcement. As I see it, the only real solutionis Federal regulation of automotive sound systems. I would like to seeregulations emcompassing the following restrictions:

I would also like to see a class ofFederal violation created for drivers who violate such regulations, witha system of Federal enforcement; local jurisdiction enforcement is a completejoke. I would also want to see regulations concerning such sound systemsenacted with NO "grandfathering" whatever; drivers of vehicles in violationof new regulations should be required to remove the equipment completely.Again, these systems are dangerous to both the drivers of the vehiclesso equipped, and to the public at large. PLEASE help stop this horrendousauditory assault!

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